Elected Officials Network

We're delighted to introduce Progressive Majority Action Fund's "Progressive Elected Officials Network" -- an effort to support and network public servants within Washington State.

One of the things we've heard over and over is how the progressives we have helped recruit, train and elect would love some of our support to continue after the last ballots are counted and they take their oaths of office. We're happy to announce this summer that we are doing just that!

Our goal is to help Elected Officials be more effective in your roles by offering targeted trainings related to substantive issues and leadership skills, as well as connecting you with one another and, hopefully in the future, with progressive elected officials in other states.

We will be offering a series of webinars about policies and leadership skills and we'd love for you to become involved. Please let us know if you have a specific issue area or skill you'd like to see us cover. As they are scheduled we will provide information about webinars on this page and to those of you who are signed up for our email notifications. We hope to archive these webinars for viewing on this page after they occur so you can watch them online even if you can't join us live.

Additionally, if you know of other progressive elected officials in your area, particularly in LOCAL government, please send us their names so we can invite them to join us as well.

To get in touch with Sasha Pollack call 206-443-5566 or email spollack@progressivemajority.org today.

Thank you for your service, we are very excited to continue working with you to make Washington a strong progressive state!

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